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About Us Who We Are

Analytica Consulting is one of the leading Data Management Consultancies in Australia

Analytica Consulting is a professional service provider, specialising in providing strategic advice and practical delivery to enable our clients to achieve business outcomes.

Our specialists have a valuable combination of  industry experience and technology systems expertise. This combination enables us to strategically plan, design, deliver analytics solutions.

As we experience and overcome new challenges presented by evolving technology and changing business landscapes, our consultants maintain this experience, taking key learnings from each project into the next.

It is this practical experience, combined with a pragmatic and impartial approach, that enables us to identify and implement the most effective, long-term solutions using contemporary information technology to meet our clients’ business objectives.

We are small enough to give you highly personalised service. We all have a significant stake in providing you with a successful outcome.

We are aware that the only way to grow is to be able to demonstrate that we can add real value to our clients businesses. We need to make every assignment that we complete capable of being used as a reference site for potential clients.

Our specialist focus means that we are able to bring the highest quality people and skills to every consulting assignment.

We also recognise that growth does not come without effort. Put simply, we work harder in all aspects of our business – both on the job, satisfying you, the client – and off-the job, keeping abreast of the latest tools, technologies and methodologies that may bring benefits to our clients.

Our consulting staff have a wealth of Information Management consulting experience. Our team includes those capable of influencing organisations at Senior Management levels, as well as those who can effectively implement change at operational levels.

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